Know How Tools Accomplish Recovery Task:

  1. Install the Software » Click on "Open" button


  2. From Open Windows, Select and browse VHD file » Click on "Open".

    browse vhd

  3. Tool will ask you to select any partition from where you require to recover VHD data, Select partition » Click on "Scan Partition" button or "Scan" button.

    select partition to scan

  4. After that following windows in appear with two scanning modes. Choose any one mode to proceed.

    select recovery modes

  5. In addition, Click "Setting" » Raw Scan than select partition to scan. This optional mode is helpful when you need to remove MBR (Master Boot Records) corruption issues from fixed VHD

    Raw scan

  6. After choosing scan mode, software will display a Scan dialog box where you can see the currently running scanning process progress.

    scan process

  7. Now, scan report will appear on the screen after completed the scanning process. Click "OK" to continue.

    scan report

  8. Select and Right click on specific file/folder from exhibited left folder tree to preview information of that file.

    preview recovered data

    Note: 1- Tool will display deleted and formatted files/folder with a cross sign
                2- Use "Search box" to find out specific file or data from recovered list

  9. To go to back and re-scan particular partition with another scan mode or want to scan other partition then, click on "Back" button.


  10. Now, choose the partition which you desire to scan and then follow aforementioned steps.

    choose another scan mode

  11. Below message windows will appear on your screen, if you have choose previous partition to scan.

    select yes or no

    Note: Click on "Yes" or "No" to proceed

  12. Right click on particular file » Select Extract Selected File(s) option to save single file.

    extract selected files

  13. If you want to save multiple files and folder then, check on folders to select » Right click » Select Extract Selected Folder (s) » Click "Save".

    extract folders

  14. At the end, Set saving location on "Browse for folder" window where you want to restore your recovered data of VHD file.

    browse folder

    Note: Software also provides the facility to create new folder for saving items by clicking on "Make New Folder"

  15. "Save Report" dialog box will appear when the extraction process gets completed

    save report